For more than 100 years and five generations, our family owned bakery has made a wide variety of fresh products.  Throughout the decades, customers have enjoyed our delicious cake.  Our favorite family tradition is making ice cream to complement our cake.  Now Taylor’s Bakery is excited to offer you this combination of ice cream and cake.  We are making our own super premium ice cream from the very finest ingredients.  We churn our ice cream in small batches and pack it by hand to ensure the quality you deserve.  This process creates a custom ice cream that we’re proud to offer you and your family.  Now you have your ice cream and cake “Taylor made for you!”




Why did Taylor’s begin making ice cream?


We love the expression “Ice Cream & Cake”  and so many of our loyal customers have asked for ice cream in the past to take home with their cake.  We dedicated ourselves to learning how to make wonderful ice cream.  Our family agreed that we wouldn’t begin selling it until we were proud enough to serve it with our cake.



When did Taylor’s begin making ice cream?


We started this project in mid 2012. We had hoped that it would be ready for our 100th Anniversary of business in February of 2013.  It took longer than expected with research and development due to the infinite options of ice cream.  In the end, it took us nearly a year to fine tune our operation.



What type of ice cream does Taylor’s manufacture?


We make a true American, hard ice cream. More specifically, it’s super premium ice cream with a high fat content. In order to achieve this quality segment, we run our ice cream with very little overrun (air), it has a high milk fat percentage, and we use high quality ingredients.



How much ice cream does Taylor’s make?


To better control our quality, we only make 1 to 1½ gallons per batch. This allows us to hone in on the details and make sure every batch is perfect.



Does Taylor’s ice cream have egg product it?


We do not use eggs in our ice cream base.  Eggs could enter our recipes through add-ins, but there are no eggs in our ice cream.



Why make ice cream instead of buying it from a manufacturer?


By producing our own ice cream, we control the quality.  We can ensure that the integrity and the consistency of our product match that of our cake and other bakery products.  Plus, we don’t have to pick off of a flavor list.  We can make whatever we want!



Is Taylor’s ice cream pasteurized?


Yes, our ice cream is ultra high heat pasteurized.



Does Taylor’s ice cream have GMO?


No, our ice cream is GMO free.



Why don’t you serve ice cream cones?


We’ve been developing delicious ice cream recipes for our customers to enjoy. With that being said, we’re still a retail bakery with early morning hours. Serving ice cream cones is a completely different business that we don’t offer at this time. Maybe some day.



What sizes are available?


We hand pack our ice cream in quart containers. We feel we can give our customers the best value in this size instead of selling smaller pints. Some families like to split quarts. We like using them as a bowl; just add spoon.



Do you sample?


We won’t have samples because we pack our ice cream right away into quart containers and hold it at -25 degrees.  Maybe you’ll be here on the right day at the right time when we walk out with a fresh batch of a new flavor.



Tell us about Taylor’s Ice Cream Sandwich


A popular item for us has been on Monster Cookies. We pack a lot of icing in between two of our chocolate chip cookies. Now we’re doing that with our ice cream. Two chocolate chip cookies hold together a liberal portion of our vanilla ice cream.  They are wonderful and only cost $3.25.