Our Taylor Made Flavors

We tried to “Taylorize” or menu; meaning we wanted classic flavors, but we also wanted to give our customers a unique experience they haven’t had anywhere else. You’ll see some of the staples, but you’ll also see custom creations derived from bakery products that have been successful for us over the past 100 years.

Vanilla – This is a silky smooth vanilla. With every bite you’ll know you’re eating vanilla ice cream, not just white ice cream.  We procured the very finest vanilla for our ice cream; a pure Bourbon-Indonesian blend.  With the high percentage of fat in our ice cream, we selected an Indonesian vanilla that is able to cut through the fat immediately and deliver you a pleasant taste.  On the back end, the Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar rounds out the full vanilla flavor.  A little secret we use in our ice cream production is adding this amazing vanilla to every flavor we make.

Triple Chocolate Ganache (Oh My Ganache) – This is our take on a decadent chocolate ice cream. Meet our Triple Chocolate Ganache cake’s cousin. He’s sinful! We start with a smooth and creamy chocolate base, just like we use in our famous cake. Then we fold in a fudge variegate (just like the fudge icing we use on the cake). Finally, we fold in ganache; the same ganache we use to cover our cake. You’re literally getting the flavor of our most popular dessert cake inside a quart container!

Wedding Cake – This is our baby; inspired by our famous white wedding cake. This is the flavor that took the most work. This is cake batter ice cream; Taylor Made for You! If you like our white wedding cake, you’ll love this and you’ll only find it here!

Butter Pecan- A southern favorite homemade by us.  This started as a special flavor of the month and quickly became a regular on our menu.  Wait until you try these pecan pieces; shelled in Texas; then buttered, salted and roasted to perfection.

Cookie Dough- Did you think a cookie shop would pass on cookie dough ice cream? You won’t have to look hard for cookie dough.

Mint Cookies & Cream- Our smooth vanilla, MINT, and loaded with OREO’s. This one is an employee favorite.

Coffee Fudge Swirl- OK, coffee lovers; here’s to you. We’ve created a bold coffee base from pure coffee extract and rippled fudge throughout it. It’s ideal for the person who needs a few bites of ice cream to get going in the morning.