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Wedding Cake Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to place my order?
answer:  We accept orders up until the day before your reception.  Our wedding cakes are made to order.  We suggest ordering 3 – 4 weeks prior to your reception, but that is your choice.  It’s nice to have your RSVP numbers and know how many guests your are expecting when placing your order.


Are you available to make a cake on my wedding day?
answer:  Yes!  The answer is almost always YES.  We do NOT turn orders down, we don’t get “booked full,” or run out of “capacity.”  We are a high production bakery who can help you even if you are in a jam.


Are you licensed / bonded / insured?
answer:  Yes, we are licensed retail bakery in both Marion and Hamilton counties and can do business anywhere in the state of Indiana.  We have a $4 million umbrella policy in addition to our general liability insurance.  


Can I schedule a cake tasting?
answer:  We don’t do the tastings at our location, but we do provide a 2 layer 6″ round wedding tier for you to take home and sample.  There is no charge for the sample cake.  It is available in WHITE, YELLOW or CHOCOLATE cake (any 2 flavors).  Please give us a call for information on ordering a sample cake.


How many servings should I order?  We are going to have _____ guests, is there a % we should order?
answer:  There is no simple formula to determine the number of servings you need.  There are too many factors that lead to that decision.  Such factors are;  plated or buffet style dinner, location of wedding (hometown or out of town), demographics of guests (elderly or infants), etc…


My reception is outside, will my cake melt?
answer:  Our cakes will NOT melt if they are out of direct sunlight.  We don’t recommend putting cakes outside for during the extemely hot season, but that is not our decision.  We would always be in favor of keeping a cake in a climate-controlled room.


Can you match my colors for decorations on the cake?
answer:  Yes, we can match colors for decorations and roses very closely.  Although it is extremely difficult to match colors exactly, we will do our best to make sure the colors are as close as they can be.  Unfortunately, some colors cannot be closely matched because of their luster, sheen or variegation.


Do you freeze your wedding cakes?
answer:  No, we do not FREEZE our wedding cakes.  We work on ONE day notice and bake our cakes fresh from scratch.  If a cake has been frozen, the colors and icing can “run” when the cake is thawed out, especially in hot or humid climates.


Do you deliver?  Do you deliver to ________ ?
answer:  Yes, we deliver to most places in Indy!  Our delivery charge for wedding cakes starts at $75.00 (+ 7% IN sales tax) in the Indianapolis area.  We will deliver further, but the cost does increase as we go farther away.

Do you delivery on SUNDAY?
answer:  We do NOT deliver on Sundays.


Can we pick our cake up to avoid the delivery charge?
answer:  Yes, you are welcome to pick up your wedding cake, but we strongly suggest our delivery service.  We can GUARANTEE your cake if we deliver it, but if you pick it up, the guarantee only lasts until we put it in your car.


How many flavors can I choose?
answer:  You can choose as many flavors as you want.  The base price includes WHITE, YELLOW and / or CHOCOLATE cake.  You can choose any combination of flavors and still pay the base price.  Each tier of cake is 2 layers of cake.  We do offer specialty flavors at $.25 additional per serving.


Can you put FRESH FLOWERS on my cake?
answer:  Unfortunately, we cannot use LIVE or ARTIFICIAL flowers due to Health Department regulations.  You or your florist are welcome to put flowers onto your cake after we have delivered the cake or after you have picked it up.


Can you use my wedding cake topper?  Can you put my topper on for me?
answer:  Yes, we can use your topper.  We strongly suggest bringing your topper in when you place your order so we can decide if it needs any special setup or preparation so it will work with your cake.  When we deliver, we can put your topper on for you.  Many times, we will leave the topper on the table without putting it on the cake to avoid potential damage to the topper or your cake.


Can you use my CAKE STAND?
answer:  No, we cannot use other cake stands.  Our cake stands are strong and will NOT lean, tilt or fall over.  We cannot use another stand in the event it would fail.  We can set our cakes onto some items like a silver charger, or an elevated cake box under a table cloth.